Mission Statement


Krone brings products into the pen market that make a statement-products that evoke discussion and even controversy. With this approach, Krone has captured the attention of pen collectors worldwide, and expanded the market to those who not only appreciate aesthetics but who have an emotional bond with the history to which Krone brings them closer. Because of Krone, pen collecting is not exclusively for pen collectors anymore.


A large contingent of Civil War enthusiasts, who were not previously pen collectors per se, were brought into the market because of their desire to hold a part of history in their hand. Krone’s unique and controversial Abraham Lincoln Pen embedded with his DNA brought his spirit closer to them.


When Krone released its Sir Edmund Hillary Mt. Everest Pen, commemorating one of the greatest explorers in perhaps his greatest adventure, a completely new client appeared in the pen collecting market. For many of these clients, The Krone Sir Edmund Hillary Pen symbolized their own personal quest in life – the pursuit of something nearly unobtainable. Others wanted to own a piece of the top of the world. For others still, it brought them closer to Hillary and his heroic feat.


When Krone released its William Shakespeare Pen, a new market for pens was born. Artifacts directly associated with Shakespeare are extremely rare. The opportunity to own a piece of the famous Mulberry tree, which Shakespeare himself planted outside his house at Stratford-upon-Avon, created a link with the “Immortal Bard” for such diverse types as literarians, actors, lawyers, doctors, collectors and Shakespearean enthusiasts worldwide.


The Krone Harry Houdini Pen embodies the keys that Houdini used to consummate his great escapes. It is well known that Houdini dabbled in the occult, seeking spiritual contact with his past. For many, the Krone Houdini Pen serves as a medium for their personal spiritual connection to “The Great Houdini, the man, the myth, the legend.”


Krone recognized the tremendous feats of human technology with the Apollo 11 Pen. For many, July 20, 1969 was a day that will never be forgotten, a day of extraordinary accomplishment. Embedded within the pen is the actual Kapton foil that survived re-entry and returned to Earth with Columbia on the Apollo 11 flight. The immortal words left behind on the leg of the Lunar Module will uphold a place in history for infinite years to come — “Here men from Planet Earth set foot upon the Moon. We came in peace for all of Mankind. July 1969AD.”


The Krone Lindbergh Pen brought the limited edition collection to new heights. The inspiring rendition of the first trans-Atlantic flight touched the adventurous souls of pen collectors everywhere. Lindbergh flew at the mercy of the infinite sky with risk of the unknown , never allowing his fears to overcome his intense desire to survive. A piece of the engine from the legendary Spirit of St. Louis is a historical relic any collector, daredevil or not, would be proud to own.


The story of Lord Nelson, the famous British naval captain, is one of astounding bravery, loyalty and perseverance. This half-blinded, one armed Admiral had left everything he cherished behind and now stood in position to fight the greatest naval battle England had ever seen. His defeat of Napoleon in the great Battle of Trafalgar is one of England’s greatest historical moments. Krone’s HMS Victory Pen depicts a beautiful rendition of Nelson’s majestic ship, carefully carved into the mammoth ivory barrel of the pen using the old naval art of scrimshaw. A preserved portion of the actual ship is embedded into the pen, giving collectors a genuine taste of Victory.


America’s favorite pastime was honored when Krone introduced the Babe Ruth Pen, paying tribute to one of the greatest and most talented athletes of all time. Babe wasn’t just a ball player, he was an international star, a worldwide celebrity, the likes of which baseball has never seen since. The pen includes a piece of the Great Bambino’s actual game-used bat, a relic that needs no explanation. Past, present and future sport fans and collectors will never forget the Babe, and consider this limited edition a way to remember this phenomenal athlete and his amazing accomplishments.


A man of amazing intellect, an author of extraordinary talent, a life of unprecedented success. These words can only be used to describe the greatest English novelist of all time. Krone’s Charles Dickens Pen celebrates this famous¬†author’s place in the world of literature. Within the sterling silver band is a gold emblem that contains a delicate treasure of Charles Dickens, the tool that allowed him to pursue his dreams as an author – his feather quill. Using this simple instrument of creativity, Dickens became a literary legend.


When Krone tested the limits of exquisite artwork, the result was a succession of hand-painted limited edition pens that go above and beyond the definition of phenomenal. The masterpieces of Russian miniature lacquer artists, these pens show detailed scenes almost incomprehensible to the naked eye. The collection includes Anno Domini, A Space In Time, and Moses, all remarkably unique, and all seemingly magnetic to view. Krone introduces some innovative methods to create the beautiful effects of these editions, such as painting onto a mother of pearl barrel, allowing the luminescence of the shell to shine through the paint. Another new technique, called maki-e, was used to make the stunning barrel of the Shogun Pen. Maki-e is a distinctive method of lacquer art, using “urushi”, an oriental varnish made from the sap of the urushi tree. The success of these hand-painted pens ensure that there is more to come in the future of this exquisite category.