Abraham Lincoln

The Krone Limited Edition Abraham Lincoln Pen not only captures the "genetic essence" of America's greatest President, but also embodies the wonders of 20th century science with the artistry of time-honored craftsmanship.  

It is only in the latter part of last century that scientists have unraveled the mysteries of DNA, the very building blocks of life. And only recently have scientists been able to replicate an individual’s DNA from such remnants as a single strand of human hair.


In order to create this definitive historical collectible, Krone obtained the most highly authenticated strands of Abraham Lincoln’s hair in existence. And, using the latest technology, Krone took those strands and reproduced the DNA of America’s greatest President. This DNA, in crystallized form, is embedded in the amethyst stone of every Limited Edition Abraham Lincoln Pen.


In addition to such technological achievements, the Krone Limited Edition Abraham Lincoln Pen is made by the finest craftsmen, who use the finest materials to create a writing instrument of unsurpassed quality and durability. Each Abraham Lincoln Pen contains:


A two-toned, iridium-tipped 18kt.-gold nib, with the Krone name guilloched on the nib. The nibs are offered in three customized widths (fine, medium, and broad) in deference to the owner’s writing preference.

An ergonomically designed ebonite barrel hand-tooled to conform to every curve in the hand, providing the ultimate in comfort, balance and fluidity.

R_lincolnAt the top of the cap, a .925-silver bezel, holding a cabochon amethyst contains the 16th President’s DNA in the form of porous glass powder obtained by the patented PCR process. Lincoln’s distinctive signature is engraved on a .925-silver band at the bottom of the cap.

A .925-silver clip containing a small oval where the Abraham Lincoln portrait is engraved in 18kt.-gold.

The Abraham Lincoln Pen is a limited edition of 1,008 pens in sterling silver worldwide. Each pen’s sequential number is engraved on the barrel, ensuring that this distinctive writing instrument will be the definitive historical collectible of all time. Piston Fill. F, M and B.