Wright Brothers Silver Fountain Pen

At a very young age, Orville and Wilbur Wright developed a fascination with flying. Years later, the brothers found themselves camped on a barren strip of land called Kitty Hawk, a fishing village island on the Atlantic Coast off of North Carolina. They had traveled there to test their very first flying machine prototype. Most people who knew of The Wright Brothers and their experiments in flight laughed and scorned at their ideas, considering it all to be a waste of time. But Orville and Wilbur ignored the criticism and ridicule, and returned to Kitty Hawk year after year to test a new revised model of their vastly improving flying machine. On December, of 1903, The Wright Brothers had developed a model complete with a motored propeller, weighing 600 pounds, and taking three weeks to assemble. This time, their invention wasn’t so amusing to outsiders; some even turned up to watch the anticipated attempt of flight. History was made that day, as the machine, with Orville aboard, flew steadily through the wind for 120 feet and 12 seconds, resulting in an aviation miracle. The monument in Dayton, Ohio, honoring that historical moment at Kitty Hawk, proudly reads:



“As Scientists, Wilbur and Orville Wright Discovered the Secret of Flight.


As Inventors, Builders and Flyers, they Brought Aviation to the World.”