T-Rex Rose Gold Fountain Pen

“We’re lucky to have the opportunity to know T. Rex, to study it, to imagine it and to let it scare us. Most of all, we’re lucky T-Rex is dead.”


Horner and Lessen

The Complete T. Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex was the supreme carnivore of its era and represented the highest evolution of predatory dinosaurs. The name means “tyrant lizard king” and there has never been a land predator of its size, speed and power before or after its existence. The study of T. Rex fossils discovered in North America over the past century has revealed a carnivorous monster that could range up to forty-five feet in length, weigh 20 tons and had a five-foot-long, thickly-muscled head with powerful jaws. With its large serrated teeth, this was an animal that was designed to tear huge chunks of flesh from its prey. Combined with excellent vision, high intelligence and powerful back legs with large talons, T. Rex was a predator of unparalleled ability.