Snake Python Pen

Since the very beginnings of time, on every continent of this earth where humanity has worshipped the divine a serpent or snake has been recognized and accepted as god. From the darkest jungles of Africa and South America to the coldest reaches of Northern Europe; from the scorching deserts of Ancient Egypt to the vast wasteland of Aboriginal Australia the snake has been worshipped, feared and by and large adored.


Some African cultures worshipped rock pythons and considered killing one to be a serious crime. In Australia, the Aborigines have associated a giant rainbow serpent with the creation of life. Ancient India used the snake coiled around the spine (staff) symbol to signify the rising of the spiritual self or ‘Kundalini’. Asian cultures have associated snakes with medicinal powers of rebirth, symbolized by the shedding of the snake’s skin. Our modern medical symbol of two snakes wrapped around a staff, or ‘caduceus’ comes from ancient Greek mythology. According to the Greeks, the mythical figure Aesculapius discovered medicine by watching as one snake used herbs to bring another snake back to life. Hippocrates himself, the embodiment of the ideal physician, was educated as a member of the 20th generation of the cult of Aesculpius.




Krone Pen presents a unique set of four fountain pens each representing the most widely recognized snake skin patterns in the world. Each individual pen is hand painted with meticulous care by highly skilled artisans. The pens feature a piston filling system and can be acquired as a set or individually.