Lindbergh Rose Gold Fountain Pen

First, there was silence, and it seemed as though the entire world was holding its breath in a frozen state of anticipation. Then… the faint, distant sound of a plane. A sound many had desperately imagined but doubtfully thought they would hear. Now, standing in amazed disbelief and admiration, they listened to the hum grow louder and confirm its arrival. The sound was real.



Never before had an accomplishment made such a significant impact on society. Never before had a feat, seeming so impossible, been conquered with such innocent aspiration and astonishing courage. Never before had a man left the ground as an ordinary, but determined, human being, and landed as an aviation icon – transformed into the universal symbol of courage, pride, and survival. It was May 21, 1927 at 10:24 p.m. in Paris, France and Charles Lindbergh had just become an international hero.