Whereas most moonphase watches of the past have minimized the moonphase function, Krone has ingeniously developed a system, which maximizes the beauty on the moonphase and at the same time keeps track of the various phases of the moon most accurately. In the wide circular opening at 12, appears the moonphase indicated by a disc of two types of pearl. The dark side of the moon is elegantly represented in black-lipped pearl, and the light side of the moon is white mother of pearl hand painted to accurately depict the moon’s surface. This disc moves one step at noon and one step at midnight. The dial is available in white, grey and aventurine. Aventurine is a natural stone that inherently sparkles representing the different facets of light in space. This is the only watch ever made in wicht the moon accelerates and diminishes quickly. Whit this system, this watch is the easiest set moon phase ever designed.