John Hancock White Gold Fountain Pen

“Let us convince our enemies that, as we are entered into the present contest for the defense of our liberties, so we are resolved, with the firmest reliance on Heaven for the justice of our cause, never to relinquish it, but rather to perish in the ruins of it. If we do remain firm…and are determined, at all hazards, that we will be free – I am persuaded under the gracious smiles of Providence, assisted by our own most strenuous endeavors, we shall finally succeed…and thereby establish the independence, the happiness, and the glory of the United States of America.”


These words of amazing power and determination were written by John Hancock, one of the most influential and respected leaders of the American Revolution. Hancock risked not only his personal business and wealth, but also his life, to follow his strong beliefs and rally for colonial independence, despite the constant alarming threat of the British authorities. He set an example of extreme bravery and unwavering faith for his followers, and became a strong and passionate political icon that gave true hope to a land of uncertain Americans, on a quest for the one thing they longed for most: their freedom.
On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was presented, first and foremost, to John Hancock, who thoroughly read the words that would change the history of the country forever. With bold confidence, Hancock signed his name in large, perfectly formed script, confirming his utmost support and loyalty for a new nation, dedicated to achieving its independence no matter what the cost. That signature mark of ink on paper became a historical symbol of liberty, justice and freedom.