Houdini Sterling Silver Fountain Pen with key

He jumps into the cold sea, manacled and chained. The weight of the chains causes him to quickly sink to the ocean floor. There, he is out of reach-out of contact. The audience waits. They are unknowingly participants of his act. The seconds move like minutes; the minutes like hours. How could he survive?



Then he surfaces! He is alive. The crowd sighs relief, and the myth becomes real. Houdini lives! The most famous magician there has ever been, and probably will ever be, was best known as an escape artist. His relics, letters, and photos are sought after by collectors and have fetched astronomical prices at auctions worldwide. Handcuffs were Houdini’s specialty. He had 15 types in which he specialized. Opening them with keys and picklocks was his most common method. The “key” is linked to Houdini for what he is best known.