Dickens Gold Magnum Fountain Pen

A man of amazing intellect, an author of extraordinary talent, a life of unprecedented success. These words can only be used to describe the greatest English novelist of all time, Charles Dickens. Growing up in London, Dickens paved his own way in the world of literature and learned to put words on paper with such mastery and skill that his stories, and the characters within them, came to life with the essence of his imagination.
A truly versatile writer, Dickens’ works range from creative comic tales to those of intense social relevance and symbolic complexity. His detailed perception of human condition and emotion is still unmatched. No matter what Dickens wrote, it always exemplified not only his astonishing talent as a writer, but also his passionate ability to touch the human soul. With legendary titles such as “A Christmas Carol”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, and “Great Expectations”, Dickens will forever remain an icon in the world of literature.