Art of War Watch



Artwork illustrates a chinese warrior.


This depicts a theory from chapter 5 of Art of War – “Force”.


This chapter has been interpreted as: “Force means a shift in accumulated energy or momentum. Skillful warriors are able to allow the force of momentum to seize victory for them without exerting their strenght.” Wang Xi




Artwork illustrates the Twelve Generals. The generals have been interpreted as: “A general is a commander, a useful tool for a nation. First determining strategy then carrying it out, his command is as though borne afloat on a torrent, his conquest is like a hawk striking its prey. Like a drawn bow when still, like a machine starting un in action he breaks through wherever he turns, and even powerful enemies perish. If the general has no foresight and the soldiers lack impetus, mere strategy without unification of wills cannot suffice to strike fear in to an enemy even if you have a million troops”. Zhuge Liang